Tensorflow 1.12 in MacOS High Sierra with Cuda from Source

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After numerous trial-and-error, Tensorflow 1.12 with Cuda is successfully compiled in MacOS High Sierra (in Mac Pro 2012). Prerequisites Cuda toolkit 10.1, cuDNN 7.5 Python 3.6 XCode 8.3.2 0. Install bazel (for unknown reason 0.18.1 causes pip installer problem). Download bazel-0.18.0-installer-darwin-x86_64.sh from https://github.com/bazelbuild/bazel/releases. chmod +x bazel-0.18.0-installer-darwin-x86_64.sh sudo ./bazel-0.18.0-installer-darwin-x86_64.sh 1. Make a working folder and clone Tensorflow code.Continue Reading